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The Overnighters / documentary

The Overnighters // Directed, written and produced by Jesse Moss.

After the 2008 fracking boom, thousands of men have moved to North Dakota (USA) seeking a job in the oil industry. For most of them this is the last chance of avoiding exclusion after years of a debilitating recession. Without economic resources and a place to sleep, desperation awaits.

The Overnighters portraits the everyday struggles of Jay Reinke, a pastor of the Lutheran Church who, after turning his congregation into an improvised shelter, has to face intolerance from the community.

But this documentary is not a simple criticism on conservatism in small towns. It is a reflection on the opposite forces within us and those surrounding us, on the limits of charity when it is put into practice through a religious infrastructure that offers love and support on paper but that, in reality, turns away from those who need it the most. It is a captivating story full of anguish and despair. With a very intimate approach towards its complicated protagonists, this documentary will stay with you for a while, definitely worth watching.

Daniela del Pomar, Production and documentary department, for FilmArche

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