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A documentary filmed at the 4D Sound Spatial Sound Institute of Budapest

The Sound is The Scenery

The Sound is The Scenery

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Overlapping shapes, movement and emotions, Rona Geffen takes us through her research at the 4D Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest. The documentary introduces a new way of 4 dimensional sound transmission aimed at creating a groundbreaking experience of sound exploration. The Berlin-based artist Rona Geffen is currently researching on the healing abilities of sound, music and light incorporating geometrical structures and number sequences based on ancient methodologies and symbols. During her residency she will meet experts from different disciplines that connect art, mathematics, physics and technology to stage a live performance where sound meets geometry in a multidimensional experience. A controversial project in the border between science, mathematics and the esoteric.

Directed, filmed and edited by Paul Holdsworth and Daniela del Pomar / Quiet City Films

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