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berlinzeit at märkisches museum


BerlinZEIT is the name of the new permanent exhibition at Märkisches Museum from 10. June 2018.


The exhibition features objects and archive material of Berlin's history, from the Iceage to the present, as well as new material portraying Berlin's diversity. In this context Quiet City Films collaborated with Märkisches Museum and Jens Kraushaar in the creation of two films, both integrated into an interactive wall, illustrated by Theresa Grieben. These films serve as an introduction to the exhibition along with two other films and different objects.

#1 bike tour with Paul Spies

A film by Daniela del Pomar, Paul Holdsworth, Jens Kraushaar

Paul Spies, director of the Berlin Stadtmuseum and curator of Humboldt Forum, takes the audience on a bike tour through some of his favorite places in Berlin. The essence of the 3 minute long film is Paul sharing his impressions of Berlin in a Video Diary / Vlog style, in a distended personal way to bring the audience closer to the institution. In each scene he briefly explains why he takes us there and what makes each place special for him.

#2 u1: Einsteigen, bitte!

A film by Daniela del Pomar, Paul Holdsworth, Jens Kraushaar

U1: Einsteigen, bitte! features one of Berlin's most representatives urban landscapes, the U1. From the elegant center of former West Berlin in Uhlandstrasse to the fun and chaotic Warshauer Strasse, this subway line crosses the core of the city from West to East transporting a wide diversity of people. In this film we portray some of them: Ubahn driver, Stephanie; Charlottenburg resident, Konstanze; emblematic Cafe Kotti's owner, Erçan; and Berlin-based Briton, Alfie.

Special thanks to Gasometer Schoeneberg and BVG for helping us realizing this project, to Märkisches Museum for their support and to Romano for opening the #BerlinZeit Exhibition with such a cool concert.

To learn more about the exhibition go here.



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Foto: @sebastian_oskar_kroll

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